Expressions of Gratitude from NDErs

Tributes to Corcoran Consulting and Dr. Diane

I can’t express my gratitude for your help and support. For years I have thought I was crazy until I saw your article on vets and I was able to talk to you. You really saved me from years of misery. Thank you for the work you do for veterans, thank you for your years of service. - SGT Taylor

Thanks so much for answering my email, it helped so much. I had never heard of IANDS. It helped so much to learn there are thousands of experiencers out there.  - Sara

Thanks for listening to my story, I had not told my story in fifty years. I am a Vietnam vet and have just keep it in all these years. Thanks for helping me with this journey. I am not sure what I would have done. - Vietnam Bob

The services need this information, we have nobody to talk to about these kinds of services. I went to my clergy and tried to tell him my experience. He said he could not talk about it, I was so hurt. Please find a way to get the military to address these issues.  - TW

It was at the 24th EVAC Hospital Vietnam Reunion in Branson, Missouri in September of 2014 that I met Diane Corcoran.

I had attended this reunion to thank all the wonderful people who served at the @4th EVAC for saving my life when I was severely wounded in October 1968.  During a social hour at this reunion, Diane introduced herself to me and explained that she had served in the 24th EVAC the year after I was there. She also told me about the time she was in the ER and attended to a severely wounded soldier who told her about his out-of-body, near-death experience (NDE).  After hearing her story, I said to Diane: “Do you want to hear about mine?”   I then told Diane about my NDE when I was shot on 4 October 1968.  It was of the very few times that I shared my NDE story with anyone in detail.  

After hearing my story, Diane explained to me that she was the President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, handed me her business card and asked it would send her my NDE story via the internet.   She also asked if I would be interested in coming to San Antonio, Texas over the coming Labor Day weekend to share my story with others.  She then told me this:  “I think if you come to San Antonio, you will meet your family.” 

Well, I did send my NDE story to Diane and attend the IANDS conference in San Antonio.  I found that going to this conference was a very helpful and liberating experience.  And Diane was right; I did meet many of my family, that is, men and women who had experienced NDE’s similar to myself.  

Thanks to Diane, I now feel not only a freedom to share my NDE with others, but also a need to do so. That is, to let others know that there is life beyond the life we experience living here on earth. I will always be in debt to Diane for caring, guidance, help and encouragement she has given me in dealing with my NDE.  Her influence was definitely a life-changing experience.  

With much appreciation, 


Thanks for spending time with me on the phone, and help me understand my experience.  - The General

The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences - A non-governmental organization affiliated with The United Nations. Since 1975, the IIIHS has provided consultancy services to colleges, universities and seminaries, and educational programs to its general members in regional and local chapters and affiliated groups throughout the world. We promote Educational Programs for the 21st Century. Working in many Nations toward the Convergence of New Sciences with Spirituality and Universal Human Values.

Dear Dr. Corcoran,

On behalf of Fr. John, from his Heavenly Home, Sr. Leona, our great Conference Team and, myself, we all thank you very much for taking the time to share your wisdom with us at the 43rd International Conference on Science and Spirituality. We know your time is precious and we feel privileged that you choose to spend some with us.

We are so pleased to announce that we have received wonderful feedback from many attendees and speakers alike, as such, this year’s conference was a great success! Conference participants loved the diversity of topics, the openness of the sessions and the many opportunities they had to share with one another.

On that note, we are so happy to have you help us fulfill the missions of both the SSF and the IIIHS, as well as Fr. John’s lifework. As members of the global community we strive to live universal human values that are inclusive of all peaceful cultures and religions. It is wonderful to see that our interfaith community is growing stronger year by year; I am sure Fr. John from his heavenly home is doing his utmost to weave our faiths and traditions into a colorful, harmonious tapestry of love and light.

.We wish you all best for the rest of the year and we direct our collective prays and wishes towards a positive conclusion to 2018.

With respect, hope and gratitude,

Fr. John, from his Heavenly Home, Sr. Leona, our great Conference team.

Dr. Marilyn Rossner, President, SSF IIIHS

Thank you so much!  It was so moving listening to you in London and I just felt it would make such a difference for anyone in an NDE situation, being ill, or being a Veteran to listen to you and meet you.  - Ellen Renee Stokke, Oslo, Norway