Areas of Expertise

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Education and Training

Due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of the NDE experience, education and training are key components that allay the confusion and apprehension that often follow such events.  Not only are the NDErs affected,  but their families and friends are also deeply impacted. Normalizing these NDE events is paramount in bringing understanding and appreciation into the world of the experiencer. Corcoran Consulting provides the education and training needed to assist those impacted by an NDE event.


Organizations such as the Veterans Administration, military hospitals and support agencies are in a unique position to validate and assist those who experience NDEs. Providing organizational and corporate consulting support by clarifying the NDE and its lifelong aftereffects is hallmark of Corcoran Consulting's expertise. As a consultant, her abilities to engender understanding and recognition of the impact of NDEs are second to none.

Counseling & Support

Validation and understanding of a person's NDE is paramount to their acceptance of this profoundly personal and spiritual experience.  Without such support, the healing process and healthy integration of the NDE is impeded. It is imperative that counseling and support be offered to experiencers so as to allow them the opportunity to acknowledge, integrate and comprehend the impact of the NDE on their lives.